Kitchen/Bath Remodel and Repair

Kitchen and Bath are the high frequent areas that need upgrades every few years. New or used homes require kitchen and bath remodel to keep up with the increasing demands of the family. Kitchen and bath remodel increase the house value by ten to twenty percent if you are willing to sell your property. Kitchen upgrade can provide you newer appliances that reduce the energy consumption and offer more features. Bath remodel can reduce the water wastage by fixing the plumbing issues and so on. Flooring upgrade in kitchen and bath is a good investment and add beauty to your property. Plumbing and electrical work is also involved usually while renovating a kitchen or bath.

Kitchen Redesign

  • Adding island
  • Upgrading bar counter
  • Adding granite or quartz
  • Adding cabinets
  • Changing cabinet design
  • Making effective use of space

Upgrade Appliances

  • Changing the dish washer, stove, microwave, range, or cooktop
  • Upgrading refrigerator and related plumbing to accommodate built in water dispensing
  • Add convectional oven
  • Make the appliances built-in
  • Changing the kitchen to modern gourmet design
  • Upgrading the garbage disposal

Change flooring

  • Tearing off existing flooring
  • Upgrading the tile or hardwood in the kitchen
  • Replacing the worn out tiles
  • Add colorful patterned tiles
  • Check for any moisture retention
  • Fix any leaks, cracks, or breaks
Kitchen Renovation

Add Shower/Toilet/Bath

  • Making space for the new shower
  • Changing plumbing to accommodate new shower
  • Make the shower accessible
  • Add hand shower unit
  • Check for any moisture retention
  • Fix any leaks, cracks, or breaks

Replace Faucets

  • Change leaky faucets
  • Upgrade faucets
  • Add hand shower unit
  • Add touch sensitive faucets
  • Prevent any dripping or leaks
  • Add hand shower unit

Upgrade flooring

  • Check the tiles for water under them
  • Remove defective tiles
  • Add new tiles
  • Reduce wastage
  • Check for any gaps or leaks
  • Fix any cracks or breaks
Bath Renovation